Nestle International Waters Product Guide


Big Gay Ice Cream needed a strong digital presence to complement their brand. ICON updated their website to a responsive design for a seamless user experience.
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How Ice Cream Is Made


A complex process like making ice cream can be made simple with engaging infographics and the right marketing message—and that’s what ICON delivered for Nestlé.
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Modern Cooking 20/20


By creating a presentation that spoke to leading press outlets and celebrity chefs, we helped to secure key media and influencer partnerships for our clients.
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Empowering Nespresso


The Nestlé Continued Excellence (NCE) streamlining initiative had already been embraced at Nestlé corporate offices as a new and better way of working, but it still needed to be introduced at external operating companies. Nespresso was looking for a powerful branding campaign to introduce the effort to all of their employees; the challenge was to grab attention and encourage active participation.