ICON Creative Agency – Be More than Just a Brand | Infographic: What Gen Z Wants From Brands
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06 Apr / Infographic: What Gen Z Wants From Brands

While marketers are busy strategizing how to engage millennials of Generation Y, there’s a younger, more tapped-in audience of consumers they should be targeting: Generation Z—people aged seven to 17.

Some might choose to tackle the Gen-Y demographic and wait on learning more about Gen Z, and others might just group these audiences together and figure they’re killing two marketing birds with one stone. But Deep Focus’ latest Cassandra Report, Gen Y and Gen Z want very different things from brands, and now that people who are a part of Gen Z are making independent purchasing decisions, that distinction is very important.

It seems Gen Z is more tolerant of online advertising than its Y counterpart, with 28 percent of Gen Z consumers wanting marketers to reach them with online ads compared to just 16 percent of millennials. Also, Gen Z prefers being sold a cool product (60 percent) over a cool experience (40 percent), while Gen Y prefers the opposite.